Nourishing recipes and rituals for head, heart, hands and soul.

Farmhouse Manna

Farmhouse Manna serves as both a cookbook and guide to help reconnect you to home rhythms, mealtime rituals and wholesome food for a more nourishing lifestyle. From the very first page, you will begin a journey to cultivate more manna in your kitchen, your home and your life. 

Simply put, Farmhouse Manna is nourishment for the body and soul through food.  At Rosebud Garden, nourishment comes from organic fields and gardens; it comes from our old farmhouse and its rich tradition of cooking, feeding and nurturing. It also comes from our Rosebud Garden kitchens, where each school day we prepare simple, nourishing, life-sustaining meals for the children in our care.

Farmhouse Manna

Get started on a journey to bring more manna into your life!

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