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Created to nurture the young child's unfolding growth and development, Rosebud Garden at Kimberton Waldorf School offers a unique and intentional environment where the young child's head, heart, hands and soul are nourished. Young children are budding human beings growing everyday towards full development.  We, the adults in their lives, are charged with providing the necessary foundation for this development to happen in a healthy way.  When we receive the young child in reverence, we witness in awe and wonder their unfolding capacities as developing human beings who will one day change this world.  Transform the child, transform ourselves, transform the world!

Farmhouse Manna


Kimberton Waldorf School is dedicated to nurturing the developing child in accordance with the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner, and to building a supportive, diverse community around the children. The school fosters the unfolding individuality of each child by awakening the child’s capacity to meet the world, others and the self, with warmth of heart, clarity of thought, and strength of purpose.

Farmhouse Manna


C h i n y e l u  K u n z  is an Early Childhood teacher at Kimberton Waldorf School where she is a lead teacher at the Rosebud Garden Farmhouse. She has three children, two who have graduated from Kimberton Waldorf and a daughter in the 12th grade at the school. She is passionate about cooking, creating and bringing beauty into all aspects of her life.

C o u r t n e y  D i e n e r - S t o k e s  is a freelance writer and mother of three children who attend Kimberton Waldorf School. An appreciation for the beauty of food was instilled in her as a child, growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. Through her work, she enjoys bringing attention to local food artisans and first generation farmers who use responsible farming practices.

S e n e c a  S h a h a r a  B r a n d  is a freelance photographer and mother of two children who attend Kimberton Waldorf School. She greatly values all the nourishment received through Mother Nature, particularly good food, good energy, and beauty. In her work, she strives to reflect this vibration of light and love.


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